4 The Guideline Development Group, National Collaborating Centre and NICE project team

4 The Guideline Development Group, National Collaborating Centre and NICE project team

4.1 Guideline Development Group

The Guideline Development Group members listed are those for the 2014 update. For the composition of the previous Guideline Development Groups, see the full guideline.

Elizabeth Kuipers (Chair)
Professor of Clinical Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Tim Kendall (Facilitator)
Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and Director; National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, London

Max Birchwood
Professor of Youth Mental Health, Division of Health and Wellbeing, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick; Director of Research, Youthspace programme, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust.

Alison Brabban
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust; Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Durham University; National Advisor for Severe Mental Illness (IAPT), Department of Health

Debbie Green
Directorate Lead for Occupational Therapy and Social Inclusion, Adult Mental Health, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, London

Zaffer Iqbal
Head of Psychology and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Navigo NHS Health; Social Care CiC

Sonia Johnson
Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry, Mental Health Sciences, University College London; Consultant Psychiatrist, Camden and Islington Early Intervention Service, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

Tom Lochhead
Mental Health Lead Professional for Social Work in Bath and North East Somerset

Max Marshall
Professor of Community Psychiatry, University of Manchester; Honorary Consultant, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust; Medical Director Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust; Deputy Director/Associate Director Mental Health Research Network England

Jonathan Mitchell
Consultant Psychiatrist, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Tony Morrison
Professor of Clinical Psychology, Division of Psychology, University of Manchester

David Shiers
GP Advisor to the National Audit of Schizophrenia (the Royal College of Psychiatrists), London; Rethink Mental Illness Trustee (2010‑2012)

Clive Travis
Service user representative

Rachel Waddingham
Service user representative; London Hearing Voices Project Manager

Peter Woodhams
Carer representative

Norman Young
Nurse Consultant, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board; Cardiff University

4.2 National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health

Nadir Cheema
Health Economist (until November 2012)

Lucy Burt
Research Assistant (from October 2013)

Bronwyn Harrison
Research Assistant (until October 2013)

Evan Mayo-Wilson
Senior Systematic Reviewer (until March 2012)

Maryla Moulin
Project Manager

Eric Slade
Health Economist (from January 2013)

Sarah Stockton
Senior Information Scientist

Clare Taylor
Senior Editor

Amina Yesufu‑Udechuku
Systematic Reviewer (from March 2012)

4.3 NICE project team

Sharon Summers-Ma
Associate Director

Martin Allaby
Clinical Adviser

Clifford Middleton
Guideline Commissioning Manager

Rebecca Pye
Guideline Coordinator

Nichole Taske
Technical Lead (until February 2013)

Steven Barnes
Technical Lead (from February 2013)

Jasdeep Hayre
Health Economist

Catharine Baden-Daintree

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