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About this information

NICE guidelines provide advice on the care and support that should be offered to people who use health and care services.

This information explains the advice about pneumonia in adults that is set out in NICE guideline CG191.

In September 2019 we withdrew some of the advice on antibiotics because it was replaced by advice in the NICE guideline on pneumonia (community-acquired): antimicrobial prescribing and the NICE guideline on pneumonia (hospital-acquired): antimicrobial prescribing.

Does this information apply to me?

Yes, if you have symptoms of pneumonia or have been diagnosed with pneumonia.

This information may also be useful if you are a family member or carer of a person who has or may have pneumonia.

It does not cover pneumonia that develops in people who:

  • have a tube placed in their airway to help them breathe (called intubation) or

  • are in an intensive care unit or

  • have a weakened immune system (because of an immune system disease or caused by conditions such as HIV or cancer, or caused by drug treatment such as chemotherapy) or

  • also have a lung condition called bronchiectasis or

  • are nearing the end of their life.

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