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Where you can have treatment for your drug problem

Where you can have treatment for your drug problem

Treatment for drug misuse, including detoxification, usually takes place in the community (through your GP or local drug service). If you have opioid detoxification in the community it should usually last up to 12 weeks.

Some people may be offered treatment, including detoxification, in a hospital or residential rehabilitation centre, especially if:

  • they have a severe physical or mental health problem or other difficulties

  • they are dependent on benzodiazepines or alcohol as well as opioids

  • detoxification in the community has not worked.

If you have opioid detoxification in hospital or in residential rehabilitation, it should normally last up to 4 weeks.

People in hospital or residential centres should be offered the same range of treatments as in the community.

What treatments are available in prison?

Similar treatments as described in Types of treatment, including detoxification, should be available to you if you are in prison. When planning your treatment, staff should consider:

  • the length of your sentence or remand period

  • the risk of you harming yourself, or accidentally taking an overdose after you are released.

If your drug problem is severe you may be offered intensive treatment in a group (called a therapeutic community) while in prison.

If you have decided to remain abstinent after release from prison, you may be offered residential treatment.

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