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During your operation

During your operation

When you get to the operating theatre, your temperature should be measured and recorded before you are given the anaesthetic. You should be kept warm using a special warming blanket or mattress for at least 30 minutes before you are given your anaesthetic, although there might not be time for this if you are having emergency surgery.

If your temperature is below 36°C you should not be given the anaesthetic straight away (unless you are having emergency surgery). A special warming blanket or mattress should be used so that your temperature reaches 36°C before you have the anaesthetic.

Your temperature should also be measured every 30 minutes during your operation.

If your operation lasts longer than 30 minutes, or if your operation is shorter than this but you are at higher risk of getting cold as described in the 'Assessing your risk' box in before your operation, you should be kept warm throughout the operation using a special warming blanket or mattress.

You should be kept covered as much as possible during your operation, and the theatre temperature should be at least 21°C at times when you aren't covered. Any fluids used during the operation should be warmed to normal body temperature.