Surveillance decision

Surveillance decision

We will not update the NICE guideline on rehabilitation after critical illness in adults at this time; but will undertake an exceptional surveillance review of the guideline following publication of 2 scopes of closely related guidelines that have been referred to NICE on rehabilitation for chronic neurological disorders including traumatic brain injury and rehabilitation after traumatic injury (provisional date January 2020).

During surveillance editorial or factual corrections were identified, which will be addressed through editorial amendments.

Reasons for the decision

The guideline was developed to be a high-level, principle-based guideline. While there is some new evidence related to the scope of NICE guideline CG83 concerning mobilisation strategies, aiding sleep, early rehabilitation programmes, and reflecting changes to service specifications, there is a suite of closely related guidelines on rehabilitation that are due to be developed soon, which should be considered prior to any decision to update NICE guideline CG83. It is therefore proposed that an exceptional surveillance review is undertaken when these guidelines' scopes are published. This will ensure that there is no duplication between the new NICE guidelines and NICE guideline CG83, and to identify whether there are gaps which could be addressed by a potential update of NICE guideline CG83.

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