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About this information

About this information

NICE clinical guidelines advise the NHS on caring for people with specific conditions or diseases and the treatments they should receive. The information applies to people using the NHS in England and Wales.

This information explains the advice about when to suspect child maltreatment that is set out in NICE clinical guideline 89.

The advice in the NICE guidance covers the signs (alerting features) of possible child maltreatment in children and young people (under 18 years):

The guideline does not specifically look at:

  • risk factors for child maltreatment

  • the identification of child maltreatment and procedures for supporting the child or young person

  • education and information for parents or children or young people

  • training for healthcare professionals

  • child protection procedures.

This information is written for members of the public.

It does not describe child maltreatment or give details about what to do if you are a child or young person who is being maltreated or if you think a child or young person is being maltreated.

You can get more information from your local social services department and the organisations listed in More information.

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