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When you leave hospital

When you leave hospital

You may be given a future appointment at hospital or you may be given an appointment for follow-up with a cardiac nurse at your GP's surgery.

Before you leave hospital you should be offered advice and information about:

  • your condition and what arrangements have been made for future appointments

  • programmes of education and activity, including psychological support, to help you recover (cardiac rehabilitation)

  • changes you can make to your lifestyle

  • drug treatments.

You can find more information about this in 'Preventing another heart attack' (information about NICE clinical guideline 172), which is available from

Questions you might like to ask when you leave hospital

  • What arrangements have been made for future appointments?

  • What arrangements have been made for my cardiac rehabilitation?

  • Which drugs should I carry on taking and for how long?

  • Should I make any changes to my lifestyle? Should I give up smoking? How much alcohol can I drink? Can you give me any information about improving my diet?

  • When will it be safe for me to return to my usual activities (including sex)?

  • Is it safe for me to exercise and how much exercise should I do?

  • Can I get any advice and support if I'm worried about coping at home?

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