Update information

Update information

October 2023: We updated recommendation 1.2.5 to highlight that skin pigmentation changes may be harder to see in darker skin, and recommendation 1.7.1 to advise that urine culture should only be considered if there is clinical suspicion of urinary tract infection. For more information, see theĀ October 2023 surveillance report.

October 2016: Recommendation 1.4.9 was amended to clarify when intensified phototherapy should be used in relation to time since birth.

May 2016: The evidence was reviewed on tests for recognising neonatal jaundice, bilirubin thresholds for retesting, and the type and procedure for phototherapy. Some new recommendations were added and some recommendations were updated.

Recommendations are marked as:

  • [new 2016] if the evidence was reviewed and the recommendation added or updated

  • [2016] if the evidence was reviewed but no change was made to the recommended action.

Recommendations are marked [2010] if this was the year when the evidence for the recommendation was last reviewed.

Minor changes since publication

March 2023: We added a safety statement about using bilirubin thresholds to the threshold tables and to section 1.3 on how to manage hyperbilirubinaemia. For more information see the surveillance decision.

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