Surveillance decision

Surveillance decision

We will not update the NICE guideline on jaundice in newborn babies under 28 days (NICE guideline CG98).

Reasons for the decision

New evidence was found to be broadly consistent with the current recommendations.

Care of babies with prolonged jaundice

Topic experts suggested that the guideline should consider recommending thyroid functioning tests (TSH and FT4) in babies with prolonged jaundice. This reflects the recommendations in Public Health England's laboratory guide to newborn screening in the UK for congenital hypothyroidism (2014). We consulted on revising this recommendation by adding in the words 'and if no cause of prolonged jaundice has been identified, carry out diagnostic tests (TSH and FT4) for congenital hypothyroidism'. Stakeholders agreed with this proposal and we will revise this recommendation accordingly.

For further details and a summary of all evidence identified in surveillance, see appendix A.

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