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Other help for the child or young person

Other help for the child or young person

Diet and exercise

Just changing the diet of a child or young person is not recommended for treating constipation. However, your healthcare professional should offer advice about eating the right food and drinking enough. They should give you and the child or young person written information about diet and fluid intake. Doing physical activity suitable for their age every day may help stop the child or young person getting constipated again.


You can help your child by keeping a positive attitude towards them, for instance encouraging them to take time to go to the toilet, helping them to keep a record of when they poo (called a 'bowel diary'), and rewarding them appropriately (for example, for younger children, a sticker chart) when they use the toilet.

Other questions parents might like to ask their healthcare professional

  • Should my child eat a special diet?

  • How much fluid should my child drink each day?

  • How can keeping a 'bowel diary' help?

  • How can I best encourage my child?

  • When is the best time for my child to go to the toilet?

  • How long should my child sit on the toilet?

(Please note that a child or young person may want to ask such questions for themselves.)

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