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NICE has assessed 2 point-of care coagulometers to help the NHS decide whether to use these products. They are called CoaguChek XS and InRatio2 PT/INR. The INRatio2 PT/INR is no longer available.

Coagulometers monitor blood clotting in people taking long-term anti-blood clotting drugs (such as warfarin) to reduce their risk of blood clots. These tests allow people taking anti-blood clotting drugs to monitor blood clotting themselves. They can then change their dose in agreement with their health professional.

CoaguChek XS is recommended for use by people taking long-term anti-blood clotting therapy who have atrial fibrillation or heart valve disease, if they prefer and are able to effectively use this type of monitoring.

People (and their carers) who will be using a coagulometer should be given training, and their doctor should regularly assess self-monitoring.

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