6 Recommendation for further research

6 Recommendation for further research

6.1 Data collection and analysis of the costs and resource use associated with implementing high-throughput non‑invasive prenatal testing for fetal RHD genotype is recommended to show the overall cost of testing and to inform any future update of the guidance. This may include costs and resource use associated with:

  • training for healthcare professionals

  • explaining the test to women and their families

  • test failures

  • blood sampling, giving results and counselling when needed

  • sample transport and management

  • record keeping

  • adherence to high-throughput non‑invasive prenatal testing and antenatal anti‑D prophylaxis.

6.2 Further research is recommended on alternative postpartum testing strategies that do not include cord blood typing of all babies born to rhesus‑D (D) negative women. This may include:

  • an audit of D results from cord blood typing compared with results from high-throughput NIPT for fetal RHD genotype

  • research on the practicalities of implementing alternative postpartum testing strategies.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)