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NICE has recommended virtual chromoendoscopy (VCE) using NBI, FICE or i‑scan to assess colorectal polyps of 5 mm or less during colonoscopy in the NHS.

Some polyps in the bowel can become cancerous if they are not treated. Currently, all polyps are removed during colonoscopy and sent to a laboratory to assess if they could become cancerous. But, it can take 3 weeks to get a result. Endoscopists trained in using VCE can identify and remove small polyps with the potential to become cancerous, during colonoscopy, providing a quicker result. They can also identify polyps that will not develop into cancer, and therefore do not need to be removed. This can prevent unnecessary removal of polyps, help make decisions about ongoing surveillance and reduce laboratory workload.

ISBN: 978-1-4731-2493-6

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