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NICE has not recommended the imaging software QAngio XA 3D quantitative flow ratio (QAngio QFR) and CAAS vessel fractional flow reserve (CAAS vFFR) for use during invasive coronary angiography to assess coronary stenosis (narrowing of the arteries in the heart). This is because there is not enough evidence on the accuracy of CAAS vFFR and the clinical consequences of using the tests. We have recommended research to find out more about how well the tests work.

Invasive coronary angiography is a type of X-ray that helps assess coronary stenosis. Sometimes tests called FFR or instantaneous wave-free ratio are used with it to find out more about the stenosis. But these can risk complications and unpleasant side effects. CAAS vFFR and QAngio QFR are alternatives, which aim to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. They use X-ray images from the invasive coronary angiography to construct a 3D image of the artery. But if the X-ray images are low quality, the tests might not work. We want more information about how accurate CAAS vFFR is, if the tests can predict what treatment is best, and if they improve people’s experiences of having an invasive coronary angiography.

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