Ximelagatran for the treatment and prevention of stroke and other thromboembolic complications associated with atrial fibrillation
Status Discontinued
Decision Selected
Process MTA
Referral date 01 October 2000
Topic area
  • Cardiovascular
  • Therapeutic procedures

Provisional Schedule

1st appraisal committee meeting: TBC
2nd appraisal committee meeting: TBC

Project Team

Communications manager: Phil Ranson


Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
24 August 2004 Changes to schedule
4 January 2005 The Institute was due to commence this appraisal in November 2004 with consultation on the draft scope. However, this appraisal has now been halted following confirmation received by the Institute from the manufacturers of Ximelgatran that this product has not yet been granted marketing approval. The appraisal will recommence once marketing approval has been granted. At that time, consultees and commentators will be advised of updated timelines for the appraisal
12 January 2005 Appraisal suspended.
17 January 2005 Technology Appraisal Project Manager changed.
17 March 2005 Schedule updated
1 September 2006 Schedule updated
1 December 2006 The manufacturer of ximelagatran has advised us that they have withdrawn regulatory applications in relation to this product following receipt of trial data. The Institute has therefore decided to ask Ministers to remove this appraisal from its work programme.

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