Lapatinib for breast cancer (first line use in advanced or metastatic hormone-sensitive breast cancer)
Status Discontinued
Decision Selected
Process STA pre-2018
Referral date 01 December 2007
Topic area
  • Cancer

Please refer to Breast cancer (metastatic hormone-receptor) - lapatinib and trastuzumab (with aromatase inhibitor).

Provisional Schedule

Closing date for invited submissions / evidence submission: TBC
1st appraisal committee meeting: TBC
2nd appraisal committee meeting TBC

Project Team

Communications manager: Sarita Tamber
Executive Lead: Gillian Leng
Project manager: Bijal Joshi
Technical Lead: Scott Goulden


Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
10 August 2009 Further to the Scoping Workshop, lapatinib for the first-line treatment of metastatic hormone-sensitive breast cancer has been temporarily suspended.

Following discussion of the comments received during the scoping exercises/workshop, we are liaising with the Department of Health for confirmation that lapatinib is appraised alongside trastuzumab, in a Multiple Technology Appraisal.

When further details are available, the website will be updated.

For further information on our processes and methods, please see our CHTE processes and methods manual