Novii Wireless Patch System (GE Healthcare) is a fetal and maternal monitor used to measure the heart rates of fetus and mother, and the activity of the uterus. It is used in labour when cardiotocography (CTG) monitoring of heart rates and uterus activity is needed. Novii Wireless Patch System is attached to the lower abdomen with multiple adhesive patches and connects wirelessly to the monitoring unit. Novii Wireless Patch System integrates with the Corometrics CTG monitor (GE healthcare), where clinical data are displayed, printed and available for transfer to the hospitals central perinatal surveillance system. Due to a required update to CG190 intrapartum care, the evaluation of Novii is currently paused. this will be resumed in due course.
Status In progress
Decision Selected
Process MTG
ID number 509

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Project lead Lirije Hyseni

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Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
05 March 2021 Scope published
26 January 2021 Stakeholder registration opens

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