July 2020: statement about graded exercise therapy in the context of COVID-19


Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
30 March 2021 Because of the large number of comments received during consultation on the ME/CFS guideline, and the additional work needed to respond to them fully, the publication date has changed. The guideline will now publish on 18th August 2021.
10 November 2020 - 22 December 2020 Draft guidance consultation
09 November 2020 Stakeholder list updated
09 November 2020 Declaration of interests
10 September 2020 Pre-consultation documents released
13 July 2020 Statement
05 December 2019 Please note that the publication date for the ME/CFS guideline has changed from 14th October 2020 to 9th December 2020. This is to ensure that the committee have sufficient time to consider both the findings from the call for evidence, and from the two additional pieces of group work we have undertaken in children & young people with ME/CFS, and people with severe ME/CFS. Consultation on the draft guideline will now run from 30th June 2020 to 11th August 2020.
30 August 2019 - 16 October 2019 Call for evidence
18 September 2019 Committee meeting
08 August 2019 Committee list updated
16 October 2018 Scope published
21 June 2018 - 26 July 2018 Draft scope consultation
25 May 2018 Scoping workshop
16 January 2018 Review documents

For further information on the guideline development process, please read how we develop NICE guidelines