Benefits and risks

Benefits and risks

When NICE looked at the evidence, it decided that this procedure was safe enough and works well enough to use in the NHS. The 4 studies that NICE looked at involved a total of 391 men.

Generally, they showed significant improvements in:

  • the bladder emptying properly

  • how often men had to go to the toilet

  • the urine stream stopping and starting

  • urgency

  • the strength and flow of the urine stream

  • straining

  • how often men had to get up in the night to urinate

  • incontinence

  • quality of life

  • problems with erections.

Some men needed to have another procedure.

The studies showed that the risks of inserting implants into the prostate included:

  • urinary tract infection

  • swollen testicles

  • painful, swollen prostate

  • the bladder not emptying properly

  • occasional, temporary incontinence

  • problems with erections.

These affected small numbers of men.

NICE was also told about some other possible risks: bleeding and needing to use a catheter (a tube) to empty the bladder.

If you want to know more about the studies see the guidance. Ask your health professional to explain anything you don't understand.

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