Information for the public

What has NICE said?

This procedure is safe enough and works well enough for use in the NHS.

The procedure should only be done by health professionals with special training in carbon dioxide laser surgery in the oropharynx.

NICE is asking health professionals to send information about everyone who has the procedure and what happens to them afterwards to a database on head and neck cancers at the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

What does this mean for me?

Your health professional should fully explain what is involved in having this procedure and discuss the possible benefits and risks with you. You should also be told how to find more information about the procedure. All of this should happen before you decide whether you want to have this procedure or not.

Your health professional may ask you if details of your procedure can be collected.

Other comments from NICE

NICE said that some of the evidence it looked at on carbon dioxide laser surgery included patients with tumours in different areas of the body and at various stages. Most patients in the studies received other treatments as well as the carbon dioxide laser surgery. It also said that all the patients that commented on this procedure were positive about it.

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