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Medical terms explained


A thin flexible tube with a camera on the end.

Horner's syndrome

A rare condition that affects the nerves on one side of the face. Among other symptoms, the upper eyelid droops, the eye appears sunken and its pupil becomes small, and the affected side of the face doesn't sweat as much.


Iontophoresis involves putting your hands or feet in a bowl of water while a weak electric current is passed through the water. If the armpits need treating, a wet contact pad is placed against each armpit and a current is then passed through the pad. The current is thought to help block the sweat glands.

Open surgery

Open surgery is the traditional type of surgery in which a long cut is made for the surgeon to insert instruments and look at what they are doing. This is unlike keyhole (laparoscopic) or endoscopic surgery, in which very small cuts are made.

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