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The condition

The condition

Gastroparesis happens when the nerve supply to the stomach becomes damaged or stops working. This means the stomach doesn't work normally, and it takes longer than usual for food to move into the intestine. The person may feel sick or have long periods of vomiting. They may also have tummy bloating or pain. In severe cases, the person can become malnourished.

Gastroparesis can affect people with type 1 diabetes, anorexia nervosa and abdominal migraine. It can also affect people who have had abdominal (tummy) surgery, or can happen without an obvious reason.

Treatments can include changing diet, and taking anti-sickness drugs or drugs that help food to move through the gut. If these don't help, options include feeding tubes to bypass or relieve pressure in the gut, and surgery to widen the lower part of the stomach.

NICE has looked at using gastroelectrical stimulation as another treatment option.

NHS Choices ( may be a good place to find out more.

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