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What has NICE said?

What has NICE said?

This procedure is safe enough and works well enough for use in the NHS. More research on the long-term effects of this procedure would be helpful. NICE is asking health professionals to record how any patients taking part in research are chosen, and the type of damage treated.

What does this mean for me?

Your health professional should fully explain what is involved in having keyhole surgery using radiofrequency chondroplasty, and discuss the possible benefits and risks with you. You should also be told how to find more information about the procedure. All of this should happen before you decide whether you want to have this procedure or not. Your health professional may ask you if details of your procedure can be collected if you are taking part in a study.

Other comments from NICE

NICE said that there was only enough evidence to look at the effects of the procedure on small defects in articular cartilage in the knee, mainly caused by trauma, in younger patients. NICE said there was not enough evidence to look at the effects on more extensive cartilage damage in older patients with osteoarthritis.

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