Information for the public

What has NICE said?

Electrotherapy is safe enough and works well enough for use in the NHS to treat grades 1 to 3 haemorrhoids. But, it doesn't always work and the procedure may need to be repeated. Also, it can be painful and an anaesthetic may be needed so the electrotherapy can be given at higher power settings.

What does this mean for me?

Your health professional should fully explain what's involved in having this procedure and discuss the possible benefits and risks with you. You should also be told how to find more information about the procedure, and about other treatment options, including non-surgical treatments. All of this should happen before you decide whether you want to have this procedure or not.

Other comments from NICE

NICE said that electrotherapy for haemorrhoids is intended to be used as an outpatient procedure without anaesthesia and that, with low power settings, the procedure often needs to be repeated. It also said that there's little evidence about the use of electrotherapy for grade 4 haemorrhoids.

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