6 Committee comments

6 Committee comments

6.1 The committee noted that the technology used in mechanical clot retrieval fortreating acute ischaemic stroke is evolving and that outcomes may vary between different types of retrieval device. Most of the evidence considered by the committee was based on the use of stent retrievers.

6.2 The committee was advised that the clinical outcomes of this procedure are better the sooner after the onset of stroke symptoms it is done. It noted that the published evidence was largely related to patients receiving treatment within 8 hours.

6.3 The committee was advised that there are uncertainties about a number of factors in relation to the procedure, which could guide future evidence development, including:

  • the precise relationship between the interval from the onset of symptoms to treatment and clinical outcomes

  • the best type of imaging to guide patient selection

  • the best kind of retrieval device

  • whether to use clot retrieval plus thrombolysis or clot retrieval alone

  • the effectiveness of the procedure in patients with strokes in different parts of the brain (specifically anterior and posterior circulation areas).

6.4 The committee noted the large number of comments received from patients about this procedure, many of which were positive.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)