1 Guidance

1 Guidance

1.1 Current evidence on the safety and efficacy of complete cytoreduction for pseudomyxoma peritonei does not appear adequate for this procedure to be used in the NHS outside centres funded by the National Specialist Commissioning Advisory Group (NSCAG).

1.2 Clinicians wishing to undertake complete cytoreduction for pseudomyxoma peritonei should take the following action.

  • Ensure that patients understand the uncertainty about the procedure's safety and efficacy and provide them with clear written information. Use of the Institute's information for the public is recommended.

  • Audit and review clinical outcomes of all patients having complete cytoreduction for pseudomyxoma peritonei.

1.3 Publication of safety and efficacy outcomes will be useful in reducing the current uncertainty. The Institute may review the procedure upon publication of further evidence.

1.4 These recommendations apply only to the use of this technique to treat pseudomyxoma peritonei. The Institute will consider complete cytoreduction for peritoneal carcinomatosis separately.