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The procedure

The procedure

Sacrocolpopexy with hysterectomy using mesh to repair uterine prolapse is usually done under general anaesthetic. It can be done as open abdominal surgery or by keyhole surgery using small cuts in the abdomen.

The aim is to support the pelvic organs in their usual place, after removal of the womb (hysterectomy). This is done by attaching a piece of mesh usually from the top, and sometimes from the front or back of the vagina, to a ligament in the pelvis at the base of the spine, or to a bone at the bottom of the spine. The mesh is similar to a fine net, and is usually made of polypropylene.

The procedure can be done with surgery for other conditions, for example, for stress incontinence. Different types of meshes or tissue grafts have been used and these may have different risks.

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