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NICE has assessed the SeQuent Please balloon catheter to help the NHS decide whether to use this product.

The SeQuent Please balloon catheter is coated with a drug that helps stop new cells growing inside the artery. NICE has said that the SeQuent Please balloon catheter can be used to treat patients who have a bare metal stent in place (a small tube that helps keep the artery open) but whose coronary artery has narrowed again (known as ‘restenosis’). It can also be used in patients who have restenosis in any other type of stent, if it is not possible for the patient to have further surgery to have extra stents inserted or if it is important to reduce the amount of time that a patient needs to take drug therapy to prevent blood clots after surgery.

Hospital teams may want to use the SeQuent Please drug-coated balloon catheter as the evidence showed that it reduces restenosis of the coronary arteries more than drug-coated stent. It also reduces the need for further treatments and procedures to treat restenosis.

NICE has recommended that further research is carried out to compare the SeQuent Please drug-coated balloon catheter with other types of drug-eluting catheters and stents.

 ISBN: 978-1-4731-1212-4

This page was last updated: 01 December 2010