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NICE has assessed the Pipeline embolisation device to help the NHS decide whether to use this product.

The Pipeline embolisation device is used to treat balloon-like swellings in blood vessels in the brain. These are known as intracranial aneurysms. If left untreated intracranial aneurysms can burst leading to bleeding within the brain. The Pipeline embolisation device seals off an aneurysm so that blood doesn’t flow through this swollen part of the blood vessel. NICE has said that the Pipeline embolisation device can be used to treat complex giant or large intracranial aneurysms which can’t be treated with surgery, and would otherwise be treated with another procedure known as stent-assisted coiling using a large number of coils.

Hospital teams may want to use the Pipeline embolisation device because the evidence shows that it is effective and safe and can cost less in some situations.

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