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NICE has assessed the Ambu aScope4 Broncho to help the NHS decide whether to use this product.

Intubation is when a flexible plastic tube is inserted down the windpipe. This is often done in people with critical injuries, or in people under general anaesthetic, to make sure they can keep breathing. If intubation is difficult, healthcare professionals can use a small camera on the end of a thin flexible tube (an endoscope) to help with the procedure. Usually an endoscope can be used multiple times and is sterilised between each use. The Ambu aScope4 Broncho is a disposable (single-use) endoscope. NICE has said the Ambu aScope4 Broncho can be used if a hospital unit has no access to a multiple-use endoscope or if one is unavailable (for example, if it is being sterilised). It can also be used to help replace a tracheostomy tube, if the tube used for the tracheostomy moves out of position. A tracheostomy is where a cut is made in the throat to create a direct airway.

Hospital teams may want to use the Ambu aScope4 Broncho because it may improve safety in hospital units that don’t have multiple-use endoscopes, or where one might not be available. It is also likely to save money in these situations.

ISBN: 978-1-4731-1225-4

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