About this resource

About this resource

The NICE Health Technologies Adoption Programme produces practical advice on adopting health technologies in the NHS in England.

NICE's Health Technologies Adoption Programme worked with NHS organisations to collect and share their experiences of using Sherlock 3CG TCS with organisations that may want to use it in the future. The information gained from these NHS organisations and included in this resource is intended for the sole purpose of supporting the NHS in adopting Sherlock 3CG TCS.

The information presented was neither assessed by the External Assessment Centre nor presented to the Medical Technologies Advisory Committee when it developed provisional recommendations on the Sherlock 3CG TLS. However, an advanced draft of the pack was available to the Committee, for information, when it considered the consultation comments and developed its final recommendations on the technology.

This resource accompanies the medical technologies guidance on the Sherlock 3CG Tip Confirmation System for placement of peripherally inserted central catheters. It was developed using the NICE Health Technologies Adoption Programme process. It is an implementation tool and discusses and summarises the experiences reported by NHS sites who have previously adopted this technology and shares the learning that took place.

Implementation of the guidance is the responsibility of local commissioners and/or providers. Commissioners and providers are reminded that it is their responsibility to implement the guidance, in their local context, in light of their duties to have due regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations. Nothing in this document should be interpreted in a way that would be inconsistent with compliance with those duties.

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ISBN: 978-1-4731-1125-7

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