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NICE has assessed the 3M Tegaderm CHG IV securement dressing (Tegaderm CHG) for central venous and arterial catheter insertion sites to help the NHS decide whether to use this product.

Tegaderm CHG is a clear, sterile, adhesive dressing containing an antiseptic, 2% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG). The dressing is used to keep a central catheter (a thin tube inserted into a large artery or vein) in position, and to cover and protect the area. NICE has said that Tegaderm CHG can be used in intensive care or high dependency units for critically ill adults who need a central venous or arterial catheter.

Hospital teams may want to use Tegaderm CHG because:

  • the area around the catheter can be seen through the dressing
  • it contains an antiseptic, to protect against infection
  • it reduces bloodstream infections and local infections that can be caused by a catheter, compared with standard dressings
  • it can save money compared with standard

ISBN: 978-1-4731-1340-4

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