4 NHS considerations

4 NHS considerations

System impact

4.1 During abdominal surgery, HumiGard is used in combination with other warming measures (such as forced air warming) in patients at high risk of developing hypothermia. This includes patients having surgical procedures with anaesthesia for more than 30 minutes. During laparoscopic surgery, HumiGard replaces standard insufflation equipment. For open surgery, HumiGard is connected to standard sources of theatre-piped gas. If piped gas is unavailable, the company is able to provide a gas supply stand that delivers CO2 to HumiGard. Clinical experts with experience in the use of HumiGard stated that minimal training is needed to introduce it into clinical practice.

Committee considerations

4.2 The committee was informed by the clinical experts that HumiGard can be set up in approximately 1 minute.

4.3 The committee heard from 2 expert advisers that HumiGard has become a well-accepted part of standard theatre practice in their centres. One expert adviser added that HumiGard has been introduced as a part of their enhanced recovery programme and subsequently adopted by every theatre in the hospital.

4.4 The committee heard from the clinical experts that they had experienced no safety issues with HumiGard.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)