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1 Introduction

1 Introduction

This resource has been developed to provide practical information and advice on NICE medical technologies guidance on the Senza spinal cord stimulation system for delivering HF10 therapy to treat chronic neuropathic pain for NHS organisations wishing to adopt this technology.

NICE's adoption team worked with contributors in NHS organisations who use spinal cord stimulation systems, including Senza, to gather learning and experiences.

The information presented in this resource is intended for the sole purpose of supporting the NHS in adopting, evaluating the impact of adopting, or further researching this technology. It is complementary to the guidance and was not considered by the medical technologies advisory committee when developing its recommendations.

The learnings gained from existing users are not presented as best practice but as real‑life experiences of how contributors have adopted this technology.

As Senza is 1 of several available spinal cord stimulation (SCS) devices contributors explained that the choice of device is determined by a multidisciplinary assessment, taking into account patients' needs and preferences.

The benefits of using Senza for appropriate patients as reported by NHS contributors to this resource include:

  • avoiding the paraesthesia associated with many SCS devices which can disrupt sleep and daily activities

  • good conversion rate from a trial of Senza to a permanent implant

  • improved quality of life through better pain management when compared with conventional medical management

  • enabling more predictable procedure time because paraesthesia mapping is not needed, which may improve theatre planning and increase capacity

  • providing another option for SCS.

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