2 The technology


2.1 UrgoStart (Urgo Medical) is an interactive dressing for treating diabetic foot ulcers and leg ulcers. It consists of a layer of open-weave polyester mesh impregnated with hydrocolloid polymers within a petroleum jelly known as technology lipido-colloid (TLC). It also contains nano-oligosaccharide factor (NOSF) and has an absorbent pad and a semi-permeable backing.

2.2 There are 5 formats of the dressing and each comes in different sizes: UrgoStart Contact Layer, UrgoStart Non-Adhesive, UrgoStart Plus Pad, UrgoStart Border and UrgoStart Plus Border.

Innovative aspects

2.3 The TLC-NOSF layer is a combination of the patented TLC technology, which is intended to create a moist protective wound healing environment, and the NOSF, which inhibits protease activity, specifically matrix metalloproteinases, and this is claimed to accelerate healing.

Intended use

2.4 UrgoStart is intended for treating chronic wounds. The indications addressed in this evaluation are leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.


2.5 UrgoStart has a typical list price of £4.28 per dressing.

For more details, see the Urgo Medical website.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)