The NICE medical technologies advisory committee (MTAC) has made draft recommendations on this technology following consideration of the evidence and expert views at a meeting on 16 November 2018.

A consultation document has been prepared and is available below for public comment. It summarises the evidence and views that have been considered and sets out the recommendations made by the committee. NICE invites comments from the public. The consultation document should be read in conjunction with the evidence (see the supporting documents below).

The advisory committee is interested in receiving comments on the following:

  • Has all of the relevant evidence been taken into account?
  • Are the summaries of clinical and resource savings reasonable interpretations of the evidence?
  • Are the recommendations sound and a suitable basis for guidance to the NHS?
  • Are there any equality issues that need special consideration and are not covered in the medical technology consultation document?

 Please note that this document is not NICE's final guidance on this technology. The recommendations in section 1 may change after consultation.

After consultation:

  • The medical technologies advisory committee will meet again to consider this consultation document and all comments received.
  • After considering these comments, the committee will prepare their final recommendations.
  • Subject to any resolution requests by consultees, the final recommendations will form the basis for NICE’s medical technology guidance on this technology.

For further details, see NICE’s guide to how we develop medical technologies guidance.

Please see here for key dates for this evaluation. The public consultation period will run for four weeks (from 9:00 am on Tuesday 11 December 2018 until 5:00 pm on Friday 11 January 2019).

Please submit your comments by signing in to your NICE account via the link above. If you have any issues then please contact

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