How we develop medical technologies guidance

It takes 38 weeks to develop a piece of medical technologies guidance.

Timings are approximate and may change for some topics.

The Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme selects technologies for evaluation.

For a full description of the process see the:


  • wk0

    Scope prepared

    The scope defines the:

    • disease(s)
    • patients and technology covered by the assessment
    • questions the guidance aims to answer.

    We prepare the draft scope using the:

    • notification form
    • opinion from expert advisers
    • patient organisations
    • advisory committee.
  • wk4

    Draft scope circulated for comment

    We invite registered stakeholders to comment on the scope.

    Register as a stakeholder

    Once the scope is finalised, we publish it on our website.

  • wk6

    Company submission

    The company prepares and submits their evidence based on the final scope. The evidence aims to respond to the questions raised in the scope. They have 6 weeks to provide the information.

      Example of an evidence submission document (Word)

  • wk8

    Assessment report

    An independent external assessment centre reviews and critiques the evidence. They then prepare an assessment report.

    The assessment centres were chosen through a public tender. They have knowledge of and expertise in evaluating medical technologies.

    This takes approximately 6 weeks.

  • wk18

    Overview compiled

    The overview highlights the key issues and uncertainties in the companies submission and assessment report. It is part of the information used by the committee when they agree the draft recommendations.

  • wk21

    Medical technologies advisory committee (MTAC) meeting

    MTAC is an independent advisory committee which meets monthly. The relevant meeting papers are sent to members 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

    MTAC considers all the evidence presented and formulates draft recommendations. A consultation document is prepared after the meeting.

    The meeting is open to members of the public.

    Register to attend a meeting.

  • wk24

    Consultation on draft recommendations opens

    MTAC makes its provisional recommendations in the consultation document.

    Registered stakeholders have 4 weeks to comment.

    We publish the document on our website. Health professionals and members of the public can also comment on it.

    View current consultations.

  • wk30

    Final guidance written

    The committee considers the comments received on the consultation document, then makes its final recommendations.

  • wk33


    Once our Guidance Executive has approved the final guidance, it is open to resolution. This is a final quality assurance step before the guidance is published.

    Anyone who commented on the consultation can request we make corrections if they believe:

    • there has been a breach of process
    • there are factual errors in the guidance.

    Commentators have 3 weeks to submit their comments.

    You can find out more about resolution in chapter 6 of the process guide.

  • wk38

    Guidance issued

    If there are no resolution requests, the final guidance is published.

    If we receive resolution requests, we suspend publishing the guidance while we investigate them.