Resource impact statement

No significant resource impact is anticipated

We do not expect this guidance to have a significant impact on resources; that is, the resource impact of implementing the recommendations will be less than £1 million per year in England (or £1,800 per 100,000 population).

Adding gammaCore to standard care treatment is deemed to not have a significant resource impact.

This assessment of the resource impact is based on the assumption that the company will offer a free 3-month trial, and where successful treatment results in a reduction in acute cluster headache incidents, there is less use of sumatriptan. Treatment with gammaCore should only continue for people whose symptoms reduce in the first 3 months. The resource impact assessment also assumes that there are no costs for gammaCore in people where treatment is not considered successful after 3 months.

Currently this technology is commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups and intergrated care systems via the MedTech funding mandate. Providers are NHS hospital trusts and GPs.

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