1 Recommendations

1 Recommendations

NICE medical technologies guidance addresses specific technologies notified to NICE by manufacturers. The 'case for adoption' is based on the claimed advantages of introducing the specific technology compared with current management of the condition. This case is reviewed against the evidence submitted and expert advice. The medical technology guidance on the MIST Therapy system for the promotion of wound healing recommends further research. This recommendation is not intended to preclude the use of the technology in the NHS but to identify further evidence which, after evaluation, could support a recommendation for wider adoption.

1.1 The MIST Therapy system shows potential to enhance the healing of chronic, 'hard-to-heal', complex wounds, compared with standard methods of wound management. If this potential is substantiated then MIST could offer advantages to both patients and the NHS.

1.2 The amount and quality of published evidence on the relative effectiveness of the MIST Therapy system is not sufficient, at the time of writing, to support the case for routine adoption of the MIST Therapy system in the NHS.

1.3 Comparative research is recommended in the UK to reduce uncertainty about the outcomes of patients with chronic, 'hard-to-heal', complex wounds treated by the MIST Therapy system compared with those treated by standard methods of wound care. This research should define the types and chronicity of wounds being treated and the details of other treatments being used. It should report healing rates, durations of treatment (including debridement) needed to achieve healing, and quality of life measures (including quality of life if wounds heal only partially). It is recommended that centres using the MIST Therapy system take part in research that delivers these outcomes. Current users of the MIST Therapy system who are unable to join research studies should use NICE's audit criteria to collect further information on healing rates, duration of treatment and quality of life and publish their results.

1.4 NICE will review this guidance when new and substantive evidence becomes available.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)