Appendix A Committee members and NICE lead team

Appendix A Committee members and NICE lead team

Medical technologies advisory committee members

This topic was considered by NICE's medical technologies advisory committee, which is a standing advisory committee of NICE.

Committee members are asked to declare any interests in the technology to be appraised. If it is considered there is a conflict of interest, the member is excluded from participating further in that evaluation.

The minutes of the medical technologies advisory committee, which include the names of the members who attended and their declarations of interests, are posted on the NICE website.

Professor Bruce Campbell (Chair)
Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Exeter

Dr Peter Groves (Vice Chair)
Consultant Cardiologist, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust

Dr Dilly Anumba
Senior Clinical Lecturer/Honorary Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, University of Sheffield

Ms Susan Bennett
Lay member

Professor Bipin Bhakta
Charterhouse Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine and NHS Consultant Physician, University of Leeds

Dr Keith Blanshard
Consultant Radiologist, Leicester Royal Infirmary

Dr Martyn Bracewell
Senior Lecturer in Neurology and Neuroscience, Bangor University

Dr Daniel Clark
Head of Clinical Engineering, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Professor Karl Claxton
Professor of Economics, University of York

Mrs Gail Coster
Radiography Manager, Strategy, Planning and Governance, Yorkshire NHS Trust

Dr Craig Dobson
General Practitioner and Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and General Practice, Hull York Medical School

Dr Alex Faulkner
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Biomedicine & Society, King's College London

Professor Tony Freemont
Professor of Osteoarticular Pathology, University of Manchester

Professor Peter Gaines
Consultant Interventional Radiologist, Sheffield, Vascular Institute and Sheffield Hallam University

Mr Harry Golby
Head of Commissioning, Acute, Access and Diagnostics, Salford NHS

Mr Matthew Hill
Lay member

Dr Paul Knox
Reader in Vision Science, University of Liverpool

Ms Catherine Leonard
Reimbursement Manager, Medtronic UK

Dr Susanne Ludgate
Clinical Director, Devices Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Professor Christopher McCabe
Professor of Health Economics, Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds

Mrs Jacqui Nettleton
Programme Director, Long Term Conditions, West Sussex PCT

Professor Sharon Peacock
Professor of Clinical Microbiology, University of Cambridge

Dr Allan Swift
Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Gen-Probe Life Sciences

Professor Stephen Westaby
Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Dr Janelle York
Lecturer and Researcher in Nursing, University of Salford

NICE lead team

Each medical technology assessment is assigned a lead team of a NICE technical analyst and technical adviser, an expert adviser, a technical expert, a patient expert, a non-expert member of the Medical Technologies Advisory committee and a representative of the external assessment centre.

Mukesh Dhariwal
Technical Analyst

Lizzy Latimer
Technical Adviser

Ian Wilson
Lead Expert Adviser

Harry Golby
Non-Expert MTAC Member

Chris Lawinski and Donald Emerton
External Assessment Centre Representatives

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