Recommendations for research

The 2019 guideline committee has made the following recommendation for research.

1 Enteral nutrition after surgery

What are the benefits, risk and cost effectiveness of enteral nutrition in maintaining remission in the post-surgical period of Crohn's disease?

To find out why the committee made the research recommendation on enteral nutrition after surgery see rationale and impact.

Other recommendations for research

From the 2012 guideline

Does the addition of azathioprine to systemic glucocorticosteroid treatment at diagnosis improve the long-term outcome compared with glucocorticosteroid treatment alone for patients with intestinal Crohn's disease?

Following successful medical induction of remission of Crohn's disease of the colon, is mesalazine more clinically and cost effective than no treatment?

What is the effect on quality of life of medical treatment compared with early surgery for Crohn's disease limited to the distal ileum?

What are the benefits, risks and cost effectiveness of enteral nutrition compared to glucocorticosteroid treatment in adults, children and young people?

What are the information needs of people with Crohn's disease, as defined by people with the condition, and can education and support based on these needs lead to better clinical and quality-of-life outcomes?

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)