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Alcohol education for children and young people

Drinking alcohol can be risky and harmful for children and young people. We want this guideline to help schools and colleges when teaching their pupils about alcohol – about the risks of alcohol and drinking responsibly, especially while underage. It aims to reduce alcohol use and help those who feel under pressure to drink not to start by making sure teachers and other staff:  

  • know how to adapt alcohol education to pupils of different ages and abilities, including those with special educational needs and disabilities
  • use the most effective approaches and teaching materials
  • understand their safeguarding responsibilities
  • have good links with other local services (such as young people’s drugs and alcohol services)
  • know how to refer pupils for specialist help.

Where can I find out more?

The NHS website has more information about alcohol use in children and young people.

The organisations below can give you more advice and support:

NICE is not responsible for the content of these websites.

To share an experience of care you have received, contact your local Healthwatch.

We wrote this guideline with people who have experience of supporting children and young people using alcohol. All the decisions are based on the best research available.

ISBN: 978-1-4731-3492-8

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