11 Provision in dialysis units

11 Provision in dialysis units

11.1 Have agreed protocols in place:

  • outlining restrictions to the dialysis unit to those staff and visitors essential to the delivery of the service

  • explaining when dialysis treatment might be safely delayed for new incident patients

  • outlining risk assessments agreed with local infection control teams when considering using side rooms for patients known or suspected of having COVID‑19, taking into account patients who may have other infectious diseases such as Carbapenam-producing Enterobacteriaceae

  • encouraging uptake of home therapies.

11.2 Explain to patients about the importance of remaining with their regular dialysis unit during the COVID‑19 outbreak unless they are told to do something different by their clinical team.

11.3 Encourage and support shared care with patients in dialysis units, and help them to carry out elements of their own care.

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