Type 1 Diabetes (update): appendices

Guide to appendices

Appendices Part 1:

  • Appendix A: Scope
  • Appendix B: Declarations of interest
  • Appendix C: Review protocols
  • Appendix D: Clinical article selection
  • Appendix E: Economic article selection
  • Appendix F: Literature search strategies

Appendices Part 2:

  • Appendix G: Clinical evidence tables

Appendices Part 3:

  • Appendix H: Economic evidence tables
  • Appendix I: GRADE tables
  • Appendix J: Forest plots
  • Appendix K: Excluded clinical studies
  • Appendix L: Excluded economic studies
  • Appendix M: Network meta-analysis: long-acting insulin
  • Appendix N: Cost-effectiveness analysis: Long-acting insulin and insulin regimen
  • Appendix O: Cost-effectiveness analysis – HbA1c threshold
  • Appendix P: Cost-effectiveness analysis – Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) versus standard monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG)
  • Appendix Q: Unit costs
  • Appendix R: Research recommendations
  • Appendix S: Removed text from CG15
  • Appendix T: How this clinical guideline was updated
  • Appendix U: NICE technical team




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