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About this information

NICE guidelines provide advice on the care and support that should be offered to people who use health and care services.

This information explains the advice about coeliac disease that is set out in NICE guideline NG20.

This replaces advice on coeliac disease that NICE produced in 2009.

Does this information apply to me?

Yes, if you have:

  • symptoms that suggest you might have coeliac disease

  • been diagnosed with coeliac disease

  • a condition that means you would be more likely to develop coeliac disease (for example, type¬†1¬†diabetes or a thyroid condition)

  • a close relative (parent, child, brother or sister) who has coeliac disease.

It does not cover other conditions affecting the stomach or intestine (the tube between the stomach and anus [the opening to the outside of the body at the end of the digestive system]).

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