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Seeking help

Seeking help

If you seek help for your menopausal symptoms, different professionals may be involved in your care. These may include your GP or practice nurse, a gynaecologist (a doctor who specialises in women's reproductive health) or a healthcare professional (such as a doctor, nurse or pharmacist) with special training and experience in menopause.

Working with you

Your healthcare professionals should talk with you about menopause. They should explain any tests, treatments or support you should be offered so that you can decide together what is best for you. Your family or carer can be involved in helping to make decisions, but only if you agree.

You may also like to read NICE's information for the public on patient experience in adult NHS services. This sets out what adults should be able to expect when they use the NHS. We also have more information on the NICE website about using health and social care services.

Some treatments or care described here may not be suitable for you. If you think that your treatment does not match this advice, talk to your healthcare professional.

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