Update information

Update information

October 2023: We have reviewed the evidence and made new recommendations on:

  • telerehabilitation

  • hearing

  • fatigue

  • mouth care

  • robot-assisted arm training, mirror therapy for the upper or lower limb and group circuit training

  • spasticity

  • return-to-work programmes

  • community participation programmes

These recommendations are marked [2023].

We have also reviewed the evidence and made new or updated recommendations on:

  • transfer of care from hospital to community, including early supported discharge

  • intensity of stroke rehabilitation

  • vision

  • swallowing

  • shoulder pain.

These recommendations are marked [2023]. We also removed a recommendation for research about the clinical and cost effectiveness of intensive rehabilitation because the evidence for this was reviewed for the 2023 version of the guideline.

We have updated some recommendations without an evidence review to bring them in line with current terminology and practice.

These recommendations are marked [2013, amended 2023].

In some cases, minor changes have been made to the wording to bring the language and style up to date, without changing the meaning.

ISBN: 978-1-4731-5481-0

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)