Sunlight exposure - risks and benefits: guideline consultation 2

You can now review and comment on this draft guideline.

Consultation closes on 06 August at 5pm

How to comment

1.Register your organisation

Your organisation needs to be registered as a stakeholder before we can accept comments.

Not eligible? Contact the stakeholder organisation that most closely represents your interests and pass your comments to them.

2. Read the consultation documents

Documents available:

If you want to review the economic model, fill in this confidentiality form and email it to: Please note however that no additional economic analysis has been carried out since the first consultation.

Other information about the consultation:

3. Add your comments

You must use this form .

If you share similar views with another organisation, send a joint response.

Make sure you consider:

  • The areas that will have the biggest impact on practice and be challenging to implement
  • How to help users overcome challenges

Developing NICE guidelines: how to get involved suggests some other areas to comment on.

4. Please note

  • The updated draft guideline is being issued for a second consultation due to the extent of the changes since consultation. Comments submitted previously have been considered by the Public Health Advisory Committee and the draft guideline amended as necessary.  In addition, the guideline has been restructured to improve clarity.
  • The table of responses to stakeholder comments from the first consultation will not be revised.  A new table of responses to comments from the second consultation will be published with the final guideline.

5. Email the form to us


Deadline: 06 August 2015, 5pm


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