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Finding out if you have NAFLD

NAFLD is often seen in people who have diabetes or have metabolic syndrome (a combination of linked conditions including high blood pressure and obesity). If a doctor thinks that you might have NAFLD they should ask about your drinking habits to rule out alcohol-related liver disease first. Routine blood tests that look at your general liver health might not pick up NAFLD.

Most adults find out they have NAFLD when they are being tested for something else.

Finding out if children and young people have NAFLD

Children and young people who are more likely to have NAFLD should have a liver ultrasound. This includes children and young people with type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. If a scan shows that they don't have NAFLD they should have another scan every 3 years.

Children with suspected NAFLD should be seen by a doctor who specialises in liver conditions.

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