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Treatment and support for your child

Treatment and support for your child

Children and young people can have a wide range of difficulties or conditions because of their cerebral palsy. The treatment and support they need will change as they grow up, so it is important for them to have regular check‑ups where you and they can ask the care team questions and talk about any concerns.

Parents and carers know their child best, and can often spot problems earlier than anyone else (including doctors and therapists) – so your care team should always take your views and concerns seriously. If an agreed treatment plan does not seem to be helping your child, your care team should refer them for specialist help.

The following sections cover areas that NICE has looked at where many children and young people with cerebral palsy need treatment and support. Not all of them will be relevant for every child and family. Ask your care team if your child is affected by a condition that is not covered here. There are also links to more information – including NICE advice about care and treatment for children and young people with spasticity – in where can I find out more?

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